In Herning, Denmark, we have a little backgammon club where we meet every Wednesday for a tournament. In the beginning, we handled everything on paper, but we wanted to keep history of our weekly tournaments. So we started browsing online for software that could run our tournaments and started using Challonge, until we realized that they could not handle the way we did our tournaments. To be more specific we wanted three rounds of swiss, regardless the numbers of players. When we are more than 8 players most software blocks progress, as +8 players will not guarantee a winner. We didn't care about finding one winner – we would happily appoint two winners on a given Wednesday. Two winners = two happy players!

Then, René and Lars-Henrik looked at each other and said, "We can make that ourselves" – and so we did. Since then DrawBoss has matured with facelifts, new formats added, new functionality etc. and what started as a small weekend project has now resulted in thousands of hours of programming and development. The software is still used primarily to backgammon tournaments, but we hope to get it spread out to all other disciplines all over the planet. Please help us by sharing knowledge of DrawBoss and by sharing all your ideas and comments to our e-mail: drawboss@drawboss.com.

To mention some of DrawBoss' biggest live tournaments so far: