Autumn's 9 - End game - Cup Tournament

Active Players: 1 (Total Players: 4)

Tournament Owners

Anita Marholm - Chris Cavanagh - George Costea

Tournament Information

Game: Backgammon
Game Type: Cup
Game Sub Type: Standard
Default Match Score: 9

This is a Double Elimination Backgammon tournament

* You must have an account and be able to play at GridGammon or Safe Harbor Games. Players decide where they want to play.

* Arrange a time to play within 24hrs. This is a guideline.
* All rounds must be completed within 72 hrs.
* Being on time is a must. So if you're 30 mins late without any prior notice and reason, the match will be forfeited.This is a rule and will be enforced strictly.
* Play in a timely and polite manner.
* 9 pt matches, Crawford rule.
* Matches must be played rated.

* Players should be sure of their connection before a match. Once begun, the match is on. If anyone disconnects 4 times, they have lost.

** Side event; Best PR. Turn in your match files (.sgg or .txt) in the chatbox and George Costea will then analyse the matches using GNU. The results will be made public only if you give the admins permission.

*** When you sign up you commit to finishing the tournament. Dropping out will result in forfeiture of ALL played matches in this tourney as well as a temporary ban; you will not be allowed to enter the next Backgammon Republic events.

**** Any ruling the admins make is final.


Main Bracket

Semi-finals - Score: 9

Final - Score: 9

Ed Bauder
nathan jongsma
Ed Bauder
Steve Waller
lawrence jones
Steve Waller