Tournament Software

DrawBoss is an online tournament software system where you can create and manage tournaments directly at our homepage – no need to download software. Tournaments and results can be accessed directly online and results can also be given in online, and of course the results can be reviewed in real-time.

The software is not dependent on a specific browser and does also work on recent tablets and smartphones, regardless of IOS, Android or Windows.

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Tournaments supported is Cup (one or two steps), Swiss and Round-robin. The Swiss system can be further extended by adding several types of corrections (e.g. Buchholz).

As our system supports organizations it is possible to create your own organisation. You can then add players to the organisation and use a self-made ELO ranking formula to make a ranking ladder. The ELO ranking system is built in our software, so you only have to determine the parameters in your formula to make in work.

Tournament Manager can appoint other players as administrators to each tournament to make it easier to track scores and tournament progress.

DrawBoss is created by two Danish backgammon players in 2014, but the software might as well be used for all other kind of disciplines. If you would like to learn more of how DrawBoss started within the Danish backgammon community, you can read our story here.


Rob Berger

Absalon 15-07-2024
Peter S.H. Jensen

Zafar 4/25
Masood Kouroshnia

Iranian Galaxy 605(200)
Ashkan Yahyazadeh

Iranian Galaxy 604(300)
Ashkan Yahyazadeh


Iranian Galaxy 600(300)
soroush asadi

Iranian Galaxy 597(1M)
soroush asadi

Iranian Galaxy 598(500)
soroush asadi

hossein yousefzade